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What D-does when he has a block

29 October
I'm seventeen, graduated from high school in the top twenty of my class, currently go to a small-ish college in New Jersey. Dating a guy named Josh, whose a student at the same college I attend and wants to be an accountant. (It was Senior, but that's misleading because he's already graduated once then came back. Overachiver) ...no, I don't date him for the excitement. Then again I appreciate Geeky!Hotness, to be sure. I'm usually attracted to the sory of guys who go beyond underdog or anti-hero and tend to drift into 'so annoying/confusing/weird most people can't stand him/understand him'.

I'm pretty basic actually. I like to write, do it most of the time when I'm not at work or in school. I muck about in Harry Potter, various comic/cartoon fandoms (that center around the DC-verse), Yu-Gi-Oh, BtVS, and some movies. I've been considering Gundam Wing again, the fandom I started in and swore never to return to once I realized how utterly crappy all of that stuff was. Heh...I've grown. Anyway, also tossing around Supernatural as a possiblity...damn, but those two are sexy.