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For you see Bart, that is Impulse/Kid Flash/Flash, is dead. This is hardly news, though I've decided to put it behind a cut anyway, but still has me very much sad.

So I started thinking...Robin is probably about to lose it (Solicts for his solo point at this) and Vengence seems like something Tim might be capeable of, now more than ever. So...what if I threw together GhostRider and Robin? 

No, seriously. 

*Shrug* Nothing will come of it, most likely, but this is what I have so far. 



Author: Dimitri Aidan

Fandom: DC Comics, mostly Robin with touches of Marvel strewn about for my personal amusement.

Pairings: Implied Robin/Superboy and Robin/(Kid)Flash but otherwise cannon unless I decided otherwise at some later point.






The phone falls from Robin’s hands and hits the ground with a muffled crack, plastic striking the carpeted floor moments before its owner joined it. He didn’t feel the phone fall, didn’t hear it hit, and couldn’t hear the faint panicked voice on the other side. Blood rushed in his ears, pounding so loudly that everything else was blocked out and he swore he could feel his brain against his skull.


It hurt, more than anything else he was wanted to clamp him hands over his ears but he knew it wasn’t really his head that hurt.


He was breathing, taking in short sharp gulps of air yet his heart was thudding against his ribcage and his chest felt tight, like he was trapped underwater and moments away from the world going black all around him.

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