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Why yes, I am hard at work. *Lying*

Officer Colin Barns had been a member of the first class at the Illinois Police Academy trained for ‘Non-Human’ threats and had been with the MCHU since its public unveiling some ten months ago, and had personally helped catch, shut-down, and haul away over a dozen Meta-Humans. He, like everyone else, had lived in fear after the Big Bang and had grown to hate the city he’d grown up in because of what it was becoming. The cops couldn’t fight the super-powered freaks and the only line of defense they had were two other freaks who claimed to be on their side.


Barns had always known differently of course and had felt oddly justified when Static and Gear were exposed as having something to do with the Second Bang. They’d been there and if they’d been the heroes they’d claimed to be they would have stopped it, not benefited from it. They zoomed around, pretending to help but Barns knew what it was really about: Power.


As long as other Bang Babies were around Static and Gear would always have to fight for power but if they brought them in to custody they could eliminate the competition as well as make Dakota love them. They’d be in the perfect position to strike; after all who would ever suspect Dakota’s Duo of plotting things.


He knew better, when people had power and the ability to be above others they couldn’t help but take it and abuse it. Humans and Non-Humans couldn’t live together peacefully when the Non-Humans often held the power to destroy them with a single thought. They were in the minority now but as long as the numbers kept growing as steadily as they were it was only a matter of time before they grouped together and struck, using their ‘Hero’ status to take them by surprise.


It was Barns’ job to make sure that never happened, by getting rid of the freaks before they could become a serious threat. Black, white, male, female, young or old at the end of the day they were all threats to the way Humans lived their lives.


Even if they didn’t always look like it.


The boy he was taking in now for example: he didn’t look like much, certainly no huge problem by any means, all dirty skin, greasy hair, tale-tell track marks, and ratty clothes clinging to an emaciated form. He sat quietly and hadn’t spoken a single word since they’d arrested him. All the other freaks fought and cursed and spit and bit when they realized their powers had been shut down, fighting like the other dime-a-dozen criminals out there to get away.


They’d taken him to the station to formally process him, after slapping on an inhibitor bracelet, paraded him out as they usually did to show how effective their unit was, and then cuffed him up in the containment van. He hadn’t answered any questions, hadn’t tried to fight, or even acknowledge anyone else around him.


It was a little unnerving to be honest.


Barns shifted his weapon, the latest in power interference technology, and eyed the teen warily.

I know I know...it's been a long time and I've managed a whole 'nother page. I suck at life rather hardcore.
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