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To Be a Hero

Logic Puzzle: A, WB, DC, and Marvel own just about everything in here. B, I am not WB or DC or Marvel. If A and B are true then C, I don’t own, must also be true.

Title: Being a Hero

Author: Dimitri Aidan

Rating: Ranges from Pg-13 to a few borderline NC-17 moments.

Pairings: In the end it’ll be Richie/Virgil. We may take a few twists and turns to get there though.

Warnings: Be prepared for violence, language, pain, angst, sex (of the slash and het nature) and just general chaos.

Summary: Everything before the Second Bang only scratches the surface of what made Static the hero he is. Graduation’s close, Dakota is falling apart, new meta-humans are showing up, and that’s just the easy stuff.

Notes: This chapter introduces the Blood Syndicate and since a lot of the characters from this book were ‘interperated’ for the show you’ll see some familiar faces and powers.



Chapter Two




Paris Island-Dakota City, Illinois

Third Person POV




The old factory they stayed in was, in spite of all of the work they’d put into it, very much the old factory it had once been. The floors were still concrete and everything that was said or done bounced hollowly down the hallways and through the building. They had turned the old offices into bedrooms, gotten rid of all of the old machines, and even slapped some paint into certain areas but that didn’t change the barren and alien feel the place had to it.


Not that it mattered. Rolando Texador, also known as Tech-9, had served in the military after high school and more than anything he’d learned to appreciate any place was dry and moderately warm. Well, that and how to kill a man with his bare hands in a variety of interesting and disturbing ways. Mostly the first one though.


He looked up from the maps of Paris Island he was pouring over, highlighter frozen above the surface. He’d been marking off the streets and buildings he knew the reformed gangs were claiming in various colors, trying to figure out where the biggest threats were. The drugs and their pushers were cropping up as the gangs gained power, hoping to fill the huge hole Paris Island put in the drug trade. With Edgewood, East Dakota, Freeport, and Highland Park all connected to each other by way of the Island the fact that it was coming through often proved fatal had dealt all the gangs a major blow.


What had once been the Paris Island Blood’s stomping grounds belong to the Blood Syndicate and for a while that had been enough to keep everyone out. But now that they had more people they were getting cocky.


Not that he was worried. They’d run out most of the dealers once before and Nine was more than willing to do it again.


The biggest problem at the moment was the Sociedad de la Cruz. They festered across the James River, in Edgewood, and had kept relatively quiet as they gathered members, funds, and weapons. Now they were making their move, trying to get a jump on making Paris Island part of their territory before the other gangs could finish regrouping.


“Nine!” He looked up, sunglasses falling down the bridge of his nose slightly. The door to his bedroom slammed open, loud enough that everyone in the warehouse probably heard it. “The kid’s been taken in.”


Nine frowned, watching as Carlos Quinones, known as Fadeout, finally came into his room. Carlos was, for lack of a better term, spread out over three seconds and had a tendency of getting ahead of himself. 


“How? MHCU doesn’t come out to the island.” And if they were then things were about to go from ‘Kind of Amusing’ (to him anyway) to ‘Really fucking annoying’ on the island dangerously quick. Gangs with a few Bang Babies in the ranks were one thing, fighting the MHCU was going to be something else completely.


Carlos hesitated, dark brown eyes flicking off to the side for a moment, before looking back at. “Sara asked him to run to the store. He…it’s the first time she’s wanted to eat anything since we came back and I didn’t think he’s head off the Island.”


Sara had, during the brief period they’d disbanded because they thought the cure would take them out of commission, fallen back onto old habits. They’d tracked her down a few weeks after the Second Bang as strung out as they first time they’d met her three years before.


Nine was silent for a moment, weighing his options. He didn’t like the idea of allowing on of them to be captured but picking a fight with the cops wasn’t exactly the smartest thing a person could do. The best thing to do would be to turn back to his maps and get to work. It wasn’t like Entropy was really one of them: They’d found him in the same place they’d found Sara and when she’d held onto him and refused to go it’d just been easier for DMZ to grab them both instead of trying to separate them.


Still, it wasn’t right to abandon the kid to the MHCU. He’d heard some things about them and the Containment Area they kept all of the Meta’s they captured in and none of it was good. Entropy was quiet but had power and the potential to be very useful.


Finally he stood. “I guess we’ll have to go and get him then.”


And now I have to research things about crack addiction/withdrawl! I'd like to have it acurate and things...
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