dimitri_aidan (dimitri_aidan) wrote,


Ignore this, just some class type things I needed to store. God, I  miss my jumpdrive. 

American culture is, in the view of some, based on two fundamental ideas. One, anyone with the capital and drive can become a member of the ‘Market’ and two, that our market is a competitive one where success is based, in theory, on ones ability to capture their intended audience. Most do this by catching the audience’s attention and making themselves seem more appealing that the other products on the market. This is called advertisement and through the ages the difference between good and bad has often been the difference between success and failure. Take, for example, the smoking industry. In spite of being a product that admits on the package that it can contribute to various diseases and lead to death it is one of the most successful industries in America. Part of this is making an addictive produce and part of it is good advertising.

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